Get on board using Exai's Website Builder. 
One of the most advanced builders in the world.

Build your own website

Don't have a website for your business?

Use Exai's DIY WEBSITE builder combining structured templates together with your chosen business NICHE to give you a fully functional and scalable business website.

Transfer your site

Having a hard time updating your site? Afraid of moving platforms and losing SEO?

We will DUPLICATE your website while maintaining your SEO rankings. You can begin updating your site on our fully managed CMS platform.

Convert your Facebook Business Page

Got a Facebook business page and no website?

Convert your Facebook business page into a website with a single click to give you a fully managed and functional business website.


Need to find more work? Seeking reliable talent?

Web designers, Graphic designers, Web developers and SEO experts. 

Finally a marketplace where you can get hired for your skills and source reliable experts for any project.

Affiliate Program

Seeking a unique product with massive demand?

Millions of SMB companies are stuck with difficult to manage and old websites.

Duplicate  your site onto a fully managed CMS platform that maintains your SEO rankings

Platform for agencies

Your CMS becoming too expensive to manage? Need an end-to-end solution that scales at no extra cost?

Exai offers a fully managed CMS to build websites,CRM to manage all your clients, Billing to manage global payments and a marketplace to increase your customer base.